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Lawyers want felony charges dropped against former heart surgeon


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Attorneys for a retired heart surgeon jailed on drug and bribery charges want those charges dropped.

Dr. David Allen's lawyer, Michael Crosby, claims the prosecution made damaging statements to hurt his client's case. This move comes after the state won access Tuesday to a letter and recorded interview Allen gave to the media. 

The usually loud and colorful Dr. David Allen quietly walked into court Tuesday, and only smiled at reporters. Allen's defense attorney and the prosecution were more outspoken as they fought over Allen's role in this drug case. Dr. Allen has six felony counts against him that include possessing marijuana and bribing a witness.

Earlier this month, he talked to a reporter about the case. 

"That is the best evidence, your honor," Jackson County District Attorney Tony Lawrence said. 

Lawrence was in court requesting a copy of everything Allen said and wrote to help the prosecution's case. 

"The letter that Dr. Allen sent and tape is sufficient."    

Defense lawyer Michael Crosby argued that in the same write up Lawrence and Narcotics Commander Curtis Spiers gave biased opinions to taint the case. 

"The idea is to allow the defendant, this case to be tried in the courtroom not in the media," Crosby said.

But the judge still agreed with the prosecution. Allen's recording and interview request had to be turned over to the state.

On July 1, the defense will have its turn to try and get the charges dropped against Allen. Crosby said he's filed more than 30 motions. The trial date for Dr. Allen is set for August 16.

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