Public Housing Residents Take Pride

Neighbors in "Camelot Village" are determined to make their community a better place to live.

Residents of that public housing project met Monday afternoon to celebrate neighborhood pride and vision. They installed a new board of directors on the resident's council.

"Because I wanted to make a difference. Nobody wanted to do it. I might not be here for long, but at least I can make a difference for the time I am here," said Caneka Freeman, as she walked down the sidewalk at Camelot Village.

She moved into the Gulfport public housing complex less than a year ago. She's determined that the first step to improving a neighborhood is getting involved.

Adonis Miller's litter patrol is a small example of the community pride that creates a better place to live.  He often picks up a trash bag and walks the property, looking for litter.

"One of our biggest concerns is the drug problem we had. A lot of people standing on the corner selling drugs late at night. But we're cracking down on that, slowly but surely," said Freeman.

Gulfport City Council president Jimmie Jenkins helped install the new officers. He joined Camelot Village residents in appreciating the board for its commitment to better public housing.

"Many people look down on public housing. But that's part of our society as much as the hotels and fine homes along the beach," said Jenkins.

Residents who talked with WLOX News say safety is their primary concern. They want a neighborhood where they won't have to worry about their children playing outdoors.

Tiwana Ambrose said things are getting better.

"They have straightened it out a whole lot. It's different from when I first moved in. It's a whole lot better."

"It's very important to me because you see I have young kids. And I want my kids to be able to come outside without any type of harm coming to them," said Tshonda Fairley.

Caneka Freeman and other board members are counting on the support and involvement of neighbors to make their public housing community a better place to live.