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Friends and family gather to remember a loved one

By Jessica Bowman – email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Many people came out to the D'Iberville VFW Sunday to participate in a stop the violence event. The fundraiser was held for murder victim Benny Johnston.    

Kevin Cruse said, "We're trying to promote non violence because that's what took the life of my son, violence."

As live music filled the air family and friends gathered to remember Benny Johnston and send a message to stop the violence.

Meghan Johnston said, "We organized a community awareness event to promote non violence and to teach the children of the community good ways to express their selves."

Benny's family said he loved kids and he would not want any child to have to go through the struggle he did.

Kevin Cruse said, "If this helps somebody it's worth it. It's well worth it. If something good can come out of this tragedy, it is well worth it."

Meghan Johnston is Benny's sister in law, she said, although the focus is violence, she wanted to mix a little fun into the educational lesson.

Meghan Johnston said, "The dunk booth, the snow cones, the cotton candy machine, the Shed donated their trailer for us to serve food out of. It was amazing how many people came forward to help during our time of need."

Plates of catfish and barbecued chicken were sold to raise money. The money will be used to pay for unmet burial expenses.

Though tragedy brought everyone together, those who came out hope something positive will come from the event.

Meghan Johnston said, "All these people here knew Benny and they loved him and I promise you he is sitting up there and he is so proud and so happy because we're all coming together for him

If you would like to help the family out by making a donation you can do that at Keesler Federal Credit Union. There is an account set up under Benny Johnston's name.

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