Renaissance Festival Springs To Life In Ocean Springs

The schedule was full of activities fit for royalty and commoners alike at the Renaissance Festival in downtown Ocean Springs.

Hundreds of people-ranging from young to old, and tall to short- filed into a kingdom filled with arts and crafts, a fairy garden, and lots of entertainment by a rat named Basil and Scary Kate.

"I give plague rats to good children so that we can spread the plague of good cheer all over the world," said Scary Kate.

"The renaissance period is a time of rebirth and a time of renewal and it glorified education and it glorified thought, and that is something that we as a community in Ocean Springs we do appreciate education and we appreciate the community experience of Ocean Springs," said co-organizer Sonia Coward.

And what is any Renaissance experience without a king and queen?

This year King Matt McDonnell and Queen Margaret Miller ascended the throne...

"There's a lot of pomp and circumstance. There's a lot of chivalry . There's an awful lot of emphasis on manners and on proper etiquette and you know what? I think those have transcended even through today," said McDonnell.

If you would like see what life was like during the Renaissance period, the festival will continue Sunday in downtown Ocean Springs from 9am to 5pm.

Admission is free, and renaissance period costumes are always acceptable to wear.