Hundreds Of Students Enjoy DARE Day

Many children know it's a constant struggle to resist the temptations of drugs and alcohol. Fifth Grader Mose Gill said "People would ask me to drink beer and stuff and I always say 'no'.  And one person asked me to dip and I said 'no'".

The Harrison County youngsters say they can run away from drugs, thanks to the DARE program. Fifth Grader Ashton Fletcher said "I learned that you're not supposed to be taking drugs, that it's really bad for you, and it can affect your liver and all".

To reward the students for completing the 17-week curriculum, the Harrison County Sheriff's Department treated them to DARE Day at the County Farm.

Harrison County Deputy Windy Swetman organized the program. He said "It's an incentive. If you complete the program, then you get to come to DARE day. These 5th graders will go back and tell the 4th graders. It's a right of passage".

Besides playing games, the students also got an up-close look at the tools law enforcers use everyday and watched a K-9 demonstration.

The students say it's nice to be appreciated. Ashton Fletcher said "It makes me feel good because I know all these people around have gone through the DARE class".

The children know that living a clean life is a tough balancing act.  But if they stick together, they can win the war against drugs.