Hispanic Media Partnership Announced

The growing Hispanic population in South Mississippi has a new communications connection.

The largest bilingual newspaper in Louisiana is expanding to Mississippi. "Vocero News" announced a partnership Friday with Triad Broadcasting, which airs a popular Hispanic radio show each week.

Those who organized the venture are anxious to reach out to the Spanish speaking community.

"And I believe South Mississippi has a lot to offer," said coast resident Stan Galarza, as he addressed a news conference to unveil the partnership.

Galarza calls the new partnership a dream come true. He co-hosts the weekly Hispanic radio show, La Voz Latina and will now help oversee the publication of the bi weekly "Vocero News".

"Mississippi is a frontier. You may not know it, but it's a frontier to Hispanics and Latinos in the world. You have a lot of immigrants coming here. You have Latin professionals that are American citizens from the big cities coming here to find opportunity," said Galarza.

"I've been part of the Gulf Coast Latin American Association since it's birth," said Andy Guerra.

The military brought him to the coast several years ago. He was raised in a Latin American neighborhood in Houston, Texas and sees the newspaper project as a real plus.

"It's very exciting because now it gives us an avenue of approach to disperse the information to the Latin American community," said Guerra.

The publisher of Vocero News says it's impossible to ignore the ongoing increase in the Hispanic population. In fact, the United States has the third largest Spanish speaking population in the world.

"Hispanics are the dormant giant that sleeps no more. Hispanics are growing. We're going to be the largest minority, within the minority we're going to be the largest one by at least 2005," said newspaper publisher, Elsie Mendez.

And now that awakening giant has a new way of connecting with its culture on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.