Tornado Touches Down In Poplarville

At about 4:00pm Thursday, 911 operators received numerous calls reporting funnel clouds, golf ball-sized hail, and hundreds of downed trees in Poplarville. Emergency officials believe a tornado touched down three or four times.

It happened in the White Sands, Forge Creek and Spring Hill communities in North Poplarville. Three homes and one mobile home were damaged in the storm. No injuries were reported.

Emergency personnel responded to one home where they thought a woman and two small children were trapped inside. Luckily, she and her daughters got out unharmed.

"I heard trees and stuff popping and breaking, so we laid down and pulled the mattress over our heads, and waited for it to pass, and we were praying and it wasn't very before it was over with, but it seems like a long time," Teasha Ritchie said.

"They were very lucky, and we had very few homes damaged as you can see in the pictures there, a lot of trees down and power lines down, but the home damages were minimum," Poplarville Fire Chief Chris Carr said.

Clean up efforts began right away. If anyone else in the area needs to report damage from Thursday's storm, the number for Emergency Management in Poplarville is 601-795-3058.