Las Palmas - Waveland Ave, Waveland

If you're a fan of exotic food, you'll love the new Cuban restaurant that's come to Waveland.

Las Palmas is the only Cuban restaurant on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The owners try to give customers the feel of an authentic Cuban restaurant with music and pictures from their native land.

"We want to make people think they're in Cuba. We got the music going and everything except the communism." Joseph Bacallao says.

The food is truly authentic because it's made by first generation Cubans. Joseph says a lot of people wrongly assume that Cuban food is just like Mexican food.

"Mexican food is cheesier and spicier. Cuban food has different kind of spices. Not the kind that burn your throat, it's the kind that makes you want more," Bacallao says.

There's a wide variety of dishes on the menu. You'll find 15 different lunch and dinner specials, 12 different sandwiches, soups, salads, desserts, and a children's menu.

They have a rice and chicken dish that is a very common Cuban entree. Also roast pork with black beans and brown rice, ox tail and white rice.

There are also appetizers called Empanadas that are deep-fried pastry with ground beef or white cheese in the center.

So, try something different. After all, it is the only Cuban restaurant on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Las Palmas is located in the Waveland Market right off of Highway 90. It's open seven days a week for lunch from 11am to 3pm and dinner from 3pm to 9pm.