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St. Martin neighbors fed up with street flooding

By Patrice Clark – bio | email

St. Martin, MS (WLOX) – Sunday's downpour caused a flooding nightmare for people on Rosemont Street in St. Martin.  People there say they're constantly dealing with standing water on the street and want Jackson County Supervisors to fix the problem.

"This is mess." 

Neighbor David Jordan doesn't want to spend his Sunday walking in water.  He knows it's the best way to get around because rain water has covered Rosemont Street. 

"This is ridiculous. The automobiles, they can't get out because their cars are low to the ground," Jordan said.

 The flood waters stopped his daughter-in-law, Lara Jordan, and the family on their way to visit.  

"It looks pretty deep." 

 After a few minutes, she and the family still took a chance riding through the deep water. Eventually they had to stop, get out, and trek to their destination because of the high water 

"It is worrisome to be stuck down there and not be able to get in and out," Lara Jordan said. 

Residents say Sunday, the water got up to 3 feet and it happens every time there is a heavy rain on the street. 

"I think supervisors need to come and look at this because I think it is a drainage issue," Lara Jordan said. 

David Jordan says he's called Jackson County about the flooding, but water is still stacking up on his side of the street.  He's afraid it will only get worse. 

"They did come down and do a little bit of digging right there at the end and that is it," David Jordan said.

 Jordan says he and neighbors will continue complaining to the county until the flooding problem is fixed. 

"What would I like to see done? I would like to see this mess cleaned up where you don't have to go swimming to get to Wal-Mart. This is ridiculous." 

Jackson County officials estimate two and a half inches of rain fell into the St. Martin area since midnight, which can overwhelm the system. The county says it's had no reports of water in homes or businesses, and all drainage in the areas are clear and water is flowing freely.

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