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Moss Point Firefighters train to battle blazes better


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The Moss Point Fire Department said calls for fires have shot up to more than 80 every month. Now, the department has hired extra hands to fight these blazes.

Fire instructors held a mock drill to teach the new recruits better fire safety and protection skills. Fire began building in a small car until flames shot out of every side. In minutes, Moss Point firefighters rolled to the scene, jumped out the truck and put out the fire. It was a mock emergency drill.

The firefighters are being put to the test to make sure they know what to do when fighting flames. More than 10 new firefighters have been hired since last year. Fire Lieutenant David Morace said extra manpower and training are needed because the fire calls have increased.

"A lot of times these calls are at night. We have the interstate where we have a lot of cars. We have house fires," Morace said.

"We are in the dark; we are in ditches, in the weeds, sometimes in the rain. These boys need to get their stuff and go and get the job done."

This training is not easy, just ask rookie firefighter Phillip Adams.

"It is tough. We get worn out, but it is well worth it," Adams said. 

Adams has been fighting fires for a year. He said the major lesson he's learned from this fire training is every second counts.

"We need to get to the calls safely as safe possible, but we also need to get to the calls as quick as possible. If you shave off a few seconds on a call that could be somebody's life," Adams said.

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