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BP: subsea dispersants working

ROBERT, LA (WLOX) - BP is ready to try again to insert a pipe into the leaking oil well a mile below the sea. When BP tried Friday night to thread the 6-inch tube into the 21-inch pipe spewing oil from the ocean floor the frame around the pipe shifted, BP COO Doug Suttles said Saturday afternoon at a news conference in Robert, Louisiana.

"The adjusted frame and tool are back on seabed, and we're ready to try again," Suttles said.

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar reaffirmed the federal commitment to stopping the oil leak.

"We shall not rest. We shall not take a day off until we get this problem resolved," Salazar said.

Salazar toured the Ft. Jackson Wildlife rehabilitation Center in Louisiana Saturday to check on the response. Salazar said protecting the seven national parks along the Gulf Coast is a top priority.

Suttles said he took a 90 minute flight over the site of the leaking well, Saturday and said he was pleased to see oil in the vicinity of the well is diminished.

"It appears the application of subsea dispersants is actually working," Suttles said.

The EPA gave the response team permission to use chemical dispersants underwater, a decision Coast Guard Admiral Mary Landry said was not taken lightly.

BP officials say using dispersants underwater prevents oil from reaching the surface and means less dispersant will be needed.

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