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Allen: Only real answer is "stop the leak, cap the well"


BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The commandant of the Coast Guard came to South Mississippi Friday to talk about the massive effort underway to contain that oil spill in the Gulf.

Admiral Thad Allen has headed up the effort ever since the explosion on that oil rig in April. Friday afternoon at Point Cadet, he answered the media's question about the spill and what happens now.

"The good news is, we have not had a large amount of oil come ashore anywhere yet, and it appears to be me we were able to manage this in pieces. In my view that is preferable to having a large, heavy slick come ashore anyplace," Allen said.

"We are looking at the NOAA trajectories and tracking it, and if that produces uncertainty and frustration in you, then you can imagine it produces uncertainty and frustration in me as well, but one that we have to manage."

"Are we planning on it to be catastrophic? Yes, because I don't think we should do anything else other than that. Because we would not be doing our duty to the citizenry," Allen said.

"And while we are in an indeterminate situation now, I think we are holding it at bay somewhat. The real answer is, stop the leak and cap the well."

Before coming to the Mississippi Coast, Admiral Allen was in Dauphin Island Alabama. Friday night, he was back in Washington D.C.

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