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South Carolina church delivers tons of rebuilding supplies


By Trang Pham-Bui – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) – Volunteers with the Hope Community Development Agency in east Biloxi spent Friday unloading roll after roll of house wraps from an 18-wheeler.  The product is used as a moisture barrier in homes.

"It's a great product that they'll need and it's a very expensive product.  We feel blessed to be able to come down and share this load with the people of Biloxi, MS, and the surrounding areas," said Dr. Larry Manley.

Dr. Manley is the pastor of House of Destiny Church in Boiling Springs, South Carolina.  His church delivered the donations to help HOPE CDA's efforts to rebuild homes for Katrina victims, as well as those recovering from the April 24th tornado in central and north Mississippi.

Along with the 20 tons of the house wraps, there were also two pallets of bottled water for the recovery workers and volunteers.

"We didn't have the room on this semi tractor trailer load, but we do want to do some more.  We want to transport down here supplies like water and clothing and other things that may be needed," said Manley.

"There are plenty of homeowners who are recovering on the coast that could use this," said Brian Rivers, Hope CDA's Volunteer Coordinator.  "It's just the overwhelming kindness that  we're still receiving down here on the coast."

The House of Destiny is no stranger to south Mississippi.  Since Katrina, the church has made 12 missions trips to the Biloxi area.

"Probably 100 or over 100 tons of medicine, supplies and stuff, and we want to keep on adding to that," said Manley.

Members also delivered boxes of medical supplies to the Bethel Free Clinic on Carrol Drive.  On their 13th trip, Biloxi was once again the lucky recipient of the church's kindness and generosity.

"Instead of spreading ourselves too thin, we just wanted to concentrate our efforts and Biloxi was the place and Biloxi stole my heart and here we are, again," said Manley.

The donations came from church members, ministers, and the church's business partners in South Carolina. The church has also delivered 120 tons of supplies to help the earthquake victims in Haiti

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