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Coast Guard gets bird's eye view of oil clean up


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

MOBILE, AL (WLOX) - The United States Coast Guard did not spot any oil in Mississippi coastal waters during its flyover, Wednesday to monitor the ongoing efforts to keep oil away from our shores.

The Coast Guard plane flew from Mobile, Alabama to the Gulf of Mexico to view the oil disaster site. About 30 minutes after takeoff, there it was, the Deepwater Horizon Explosion site. Some of the nearly five million gallons of oil still gushing from under the ocean was easy to see on the surface.

As the plane closed in on the rig site, the brown mess became thicker and almost appeared chunky. Surrounding this dangerous spill were dozens and dozens of tug boats. Some of the boats were pulling booms and others trying to stop the massive oil leak.

"We are making sure everything meets to standard and the process goes smoothly," Petty Officer James Rhodes said.

One of the Coast Guard's missions is to make sure the booms are in place to contain the oil and keep it away from our shore.

"Currently, from Mississippi to Florida, we have over 100 miles of boom at this time."

Clouds made the booms in Mississippi waters difficult to see from the air, but the protectors are there. Over Alabama's Dauphin Island was the same scene.

"We are trying to fight this thing before it gets close to shore. We want to fight it while it is in deeper waters," Rhodes said.

On the flight back to Mobile, the oil became less and less obvious. That is a good sign for those working around the clock to guard the Gulf Coast from contamination.

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