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Knowledge can help prevent teen pregnancy

Teen pregnancy, children giving birth to children, this remains a huge problem in our state. Mississippi has one of the highest percentage rates of teens giving birth in our country. And that's even though statistics show the teen pregnancy rate is decreasing in our state.

So how do we get the rate to go down, even more? Because Mississippi schools teach abstinence only, not sex education, we have to depend on community outreach. We need to support and encourage efforts, like the organizations joining together to hold another Saving Our Sisters event to bring together teens and adults for a day of sharing and empowerment on May 15th at the Coast Coliseum.

This program's goal is to give the girls knowledge and belief in themselves to make the right decision and also how to live and deal with what they decide. We applaud this group's efforts and others like it.

And once again, we urge our state lawmakers to fund an education program state wide that teaches our children about the consequences of sex and how to prevent sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. For ultimately the goal for all of us is to protect and safeguard our children.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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