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Officials: Dead fish not related to oil


By Krystal Allan – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - State environmental officials say about 300,000 feet of boom have been put down to protect the coast's most vulnerable areas. The Departments of Marine Resources and Environmental Quality plan on securing more boom for those areas.  A secondary plan placing booms along the rivers might also be implemented.

During a briefing Monday, officials also cleared up reports of tarballs washing ashore in Mississippi. DMR Executive Director Bill Walker said it's a false alarm.

"I have a bag of it on my desk over there and it's mud. It's stuff somebody stepped on and somebody thought it was oil," Walker said.

They also discussed the dead fish washing up in South Mississippi.  Trudy Fisher, the Executive of the Department of Environmental Quality, said it's not oil related.  Instead, she points to low oxygen levels in the water.  Fisher said its common this time of year due to spikes in the temperature.

Officials addressed a report involving a small dead whale and three dolphins washing ashore on Ship Island.

"The federal folks went back and tried to find those animals and could not. So, it announced this morning it was a non-event," Walker said.

During the briefing, officials urged volunteers interested in clean-up to get training now so the coast can mobilize more quickly should the oil show up.

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