Pets Bring Joy To Armed Forces Home

The pets belonging to the staff of the Armed Forces Home strutted their stuff in a parade before the home's residents and employees. Even Nathan the goat got in on the act, and he was a big hit.

The pet parade was Christina Edwards' idea. She works at the home and says the residents always ask the staff about their four legged companions.

"When they know you have a pet, they ask what kind and they always wanna know when are you gonna bring it by," she said. "We have a few residents that have pets in town and it gave them an opportunity to bring their pets and show them to their fellow residents."

This is a fun event, but it's also therapeutic. Studies show animals are good for our health Carol Smith has brought her peekapoo Muffin to the home to visit since the pooch was just four weeks old.

"It's been proven that the contact with a pet can lower blood pressure, decrease falls, decrease medications. There are just so many benefits to havin' a pet around," Smith said.

Many of the people who live in the home had pets during their life and being around these animals brings back memories.

"I've always had a dog. I like dogs and cats, had several of them before I came here," B.A. Pinkerton said.

Another resident, Naomi Groger said, "It's nice and soft and she always smells wonderful. We have quite a few animals coming in to see us now."

The residents say it makes their day to just hold a puppy and get back unconditional love in return.