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Fishermen, business owners must wait and see


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BAY ST LOUIS, MS (WLOX) - Restaurant owner Tony Trapani said the Gulf oil leak has him facing a real dilemma. He's a month away from rebuilding his beachfront restaurant which was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

"What should I do?" Trapani asked. "Is seafood going to go so high to where no one is going to go out to eat? Or are people around here going to be so depressed that all they are going to do is sit home? Nobody knows."

Trapani is not the only worried about the unknown. Those at the front end of the seafood supply chain are desperate for answers, too.

Hancock County fisherman Walter Dardar said, "We don't now exactly what's going to happen at this point and time. We're just as confused as everybody else, but we are definitely worried about it"

Dardar is a life long fisherman who hopes to use his shrimp boat as part of the clean up effort.

"I hope to be able to make some money to be able to keep supporting our family with this here," Dardar said. "But the main thing is to try to get this stuff out of our waters, so we can keep making a living and have everything the way it was."

A BP representative gave fishermen some answers Thursday on how they can help.

"One of the first thing they can be doing is assisting in pulling boom," BP representative Zachary Greenawalt said. "Right now, there are miles upon miles that are out there. They can be used to adjust what's out there. Individual vessels can be used to run supplies that are further out off shore."

Fishermen filled out paperwork and left hoping for the best. For now, that's what Tony Trapani is doing, too. He's hoping for the best.

"I hate to wish anything on anybody else, but it's the last thing we need around here," Trapani said.

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