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Ocean Springs girl is 'devastated' by oil spill


By Trang Pham-Bui – bio | email

OCEAN SPRINGS, MS (WLOX) – Skylar Kimbrough is one worried eleven-year-old girl.

"You look at all that oil and it's going to come. If it comes to us, it's just going to destroy our beach," she said.

For weeks now, Skylar has been wondering what would happen if the oil that continues to gush into the Gulf of Mexico touches the shores of South Mississippi.

"I've never seen this happen to our Gulf, because I've not been alive that long," Skylar said. "But I think it's hurting our seafood industry.  It's hurting the animals that live out there.  It's just devastating."

So over the weekend, Skylar grabbed a pencil and paper and expressed her concerns in a letter to WLOX.

"Dear WLOX, I'm a student at Ocean Springs Taconi Elementary," she read.  "The oil spill scares me, because of all the islands and wildlife that will be hurt. I know I'm young, but I care."

Skylar told us she and her dad have been visiting the beach in Ocean Springs quite often these days.

"We want to see how really bad it'll be.  We're preparing ourselves for what will happen," she said.

The spreading oil slick has more meaning for Skylar, because her fifth grade class just finished a lesson on wildlife and the barrier islands.

"After we just studied all that, you learn to love all that," said Skylar.  "It just begins to warm your heart and it's just so sad that all those animals are going to die because of the oil spill."

Skylar's letter proves that the oil's impact is not just a grown-up problem.

"Kids like to go to the beach.  They like to play with the sand. They like to go fishing. I hope it will tell other children that I told my concerns, they need to tell theirs.  And if they're not concerned, they should be," said Skylar.

Skylar said when she walks along the beach, she will be looking out for any animals that may be covered in oil and then notifying adults about it.  She is encouraging other children to do the same thing.

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