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Jackson Co. man builds machine to help cleanup spill


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - WLOX has received several phone calls from people who say they have inventions that can keep the oil away from the shoreline. For instance, Johnny Bean says he has built a state of the art pump machine that can filter oil out of the gulf.  

Bean said his cure for the coastal crisis is called the Hurricane Pump. 

"It is really not a new invention. I am just bringing it to the 21st century. This has actually been out since 1899," Bean said.  

What makes Bean's machine both modern and unique is its hydraulic driven motor fueled by oil. 

"It is oil that makes it run. Change the filter in your hydraulic system, that kind of stuff, but other than that the pumps are designed to run forever." 

With a potential catastrophe like the BP oil spill threatening Mississippi's shoreline, Bean realizes a non-stop pump removing large amounts of oil off the gulf's surface is critical.  So is this important fact: Bean tested his pump in a nearby bayou to prove it could work well below the water's surface. 

The pump also has no shaft seals. He said that allows large amounts of oil to flow through the system at one time. But Bean said it's the filtration system that really stands out on his machine.  He believes it will help remove the oil out of the gulf, and keep the clean water in. 

"The crude oil is designed to stick to this fiber mat that is inside my filters. The water will then pass through it, and go to the bottom, and filter off, and go back to the gulf." 

Bean hopes companies will consider the cleanup machine because it's small, yet powerful enough to do the job. 

"It works. This thing will work. You can put multiple ones out there and it will work 24 hours a day. That's all you have to do is put a man on it." 

Bean told WLOX he just finished his invention. Now, he's out marketing it to anybody who may want to use a pump to clean the oil.  Bean will sell his power unit and pump for $12,500. 

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