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World's media focused on Gulf Coast again


By Doug Walker – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Reporters can be seen everywhere on the coast these days, from a British television crew filming on the beach, to a network satellite truck beaming back a story for a national audience. Interest in the oil spill is growing almost a fast as the spill itself. 

Stephan Strothe works for German television. He said there's a very good reason he is on the coast.  

"Tourism is also on the minds of Germans when they look at our reports. They love to come to this part of the country, and they might be afraid that it gets a little bit worse here," Strothe said.

The story has taken off across Europe, as well.  

"Well, this oil spill is a story that is at least as big in Europe as it is here. Europeans are extremely interested with everything environmental, and this is just a huge mess," Strothe said.

That's a feeling shared by another European journalist. Xavier Vila' works for Spanish public radio, and said this story hits close to home.

"This is a huge spill. We had one of those in Spain about eight years ago in the front of Galacia, and we had a great deal of fish dying." Vila' said. "It was a big mess, and we're very interested in what's going on here. We all eat shrimp from these areas, so we what to know what's going on." 

Even the new media is heavily involved in covering the spill. Sachi Cunningham works for the Los Angeles Times, not the paper itself, but the on-line edition. She explained her job this week.

"I do video for the website, so I'm hoping to bring them faces and voices that they wouldn't necessarily get, the closeness with print and photos," Cunningham said. "It's a national paper, so even Los Angeles is going to be affected." 

Regional media is no stranger to the coast these days either. Libby Amos works in Mobile.

"Well it's going to affect the greater gulf coast, so as much as it's going to affect people over here, it's going to affect us in Mobile," Amos said.

If the spill does come ashore or until the threat passes, most of the journalists said they will stay on the coast for as long as it takes.

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