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Seafood businesses fear oil spill could create murky future


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The rush is still on at local seafood markets, as South Mississippians stock up. Seafood dealers fear the oil slick will tip the balance of supply and demand.

Freezers that are normally stacked with seafood now sit nearly empty. Workers at Family Frozen Food in Moss Point the situation in the Gulf has customers pouring in to get their hands on boxes of seafood. 

"People want it, and the prices are good, and they don't want to live without it," Manager Ann Parks said.

Bozo's Seafood Market & Deli in Pascagoula is also booming with business. Workers say shrimp, fish, even crawfish are selling out. 

"I am surprised a number of people buying 50 to 100 lbs of whatever," Bozo's owner Keith  Delcambre said. 

Both stores saw a 20 percent increase in business over the weekend.  But store owners like Keith Delcambre are worried about what will happen with the seafood sells out. 

Delcambre gets most of his seafood from Louisiana, and said he can only buy 200lbs at a time now because of the demand. 

"I called and they're on a limited supply on what they will let us have," Delcambre said. "That is what everybody is scared of, not knowing, the unknown."

Manager Ann Parks agreed it's a murky outlook for businesses. 

"We stand to lose millions of dollars over a year if this oil gets in and we can't get seafood," Parks said.  

Both Parks and Delcambre said, for now, they'll just keep selling the seafood they have and hope for the best. 

Family Frozen Foods is considering buying seafood from foreign suppliers, if necessary. 

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