Easter Sunrise Service

As the sun began to rise, church members sang praise for the miracle of Jesus Christ. Nell Gray says this service reminds her of the sacrifice Jesus made, but also the one thousands of men and women make every day fighting in the war against terrorism.

"Knowing the situation that our country is in right now and actually seeing people who have actually given their lives for us and freedom is a very, very precious dear gift that we should not take for granted, because it was given to us at a very costly price," she said.

Pastor Ed Decker celebrated the service pointing out key similarities in both the American and Christian flag and American soldiers and Jesus Christ.

"Everybody knows the things that have gone on and the things that have been said against our soldiers and against the effort in Iraq, and when you look at the Lord Jesus Christ, He was mocked, made fun of, ridiculed," he said.

Decker said he regards every day that he preaches as an honor, but is twice as honored every time he gives a service here, a place that remembers the great sacrifice that ordinary citizens have made for all Americans.

Gray said, "I'm grateful and thankful that I'm American that I can stand here this morning and not only worship my risen Savior, but worship a country that I live in."