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Church members ready to assist in Coastal Crisis


By Michelle Lady - email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The oil spill has not even reached the shores of South Mississippi yet, but there are already many ready to help out in the cleanup process.

"It's our obligation, it's our calling," Pastor Joe Reynolds said. "God has called us to be good stewards of this world."

Members of Coalville United Methodist Church have answered that call and signed up to get involved. Jan Garner who does public relations for the church wasn't surprised by the overwhelming response.

"Over half or more signed up today," Garner said. "It was a great outpouring of community support, as well as something that is dear to our hearts at Coalville."

Pastor Reynolds is grateful so many are rising to the occasion.

"God is good. We have got some good folks, they are ready and able to help," Reynolds said.

Church member Holly Gibbs is also the AmeriCorps program director for HandsOn Mississippi. She is helping the church by putting the willing to work.

"Basically right now we are just a bank of volunteers for whatever the coast needs," Gibbs said. "As training becomes available, we are going to put them through it."

Even the young church members want to help, including Maggie Winsor and Gabriella Cobar. 

"It's especially important for the younger people to volunteer because we are going to be the society when they are older, and that is what we depend on," Winsor said.

The church members said they feel compelled to live out the word of God, not only inside the church walls, but also outside in our community.

"God wants us to help the less fortunate, help the needy and all that. And helping would make God happy," Cobar said.

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