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NOAA Closes Commercial and Recreational Fishing


By Carrie Duncan – bio | email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - NOAA has closed commercial and recreational fishing in oil-affected portions of the Gulf of Mexico.

Ryan LaFontaine with the city of Gulfport told WLOX, "The U.S. Coast Guard station Gulfport is expecting a 175 foot cutter and another large vessel, both with skimming capabilities to arrive in the harbor sometime tonight."

The U.S. Coast Guard confirmed that, as well.

WLOX reporter Steve Phillips is in Hancock County and reported back that some of the booms are breaking due to rough seas.

WLOX has also been getting calls about dead catfish washing up on Bay St Louis beaches.

We have also received a call about a dead sea turtle that has washed ashore; however, Mobi Solangi with the Institute of Marine Mammal Studies told WLOX, "It is a 90% chance it doesn't have to do with the oil spill. Sea turtles do die this time of year."

Pass Christian Fire Chief Dwight Gordon said the Fire Department is checking the beach every four hours.

Gordon said, "I know it is a seasonal thing, but it seems like a larger amount."

Since Saturday, the Pass Fire Department has found 19 turtles, a pelican, a duck and some fish, but there is no evidence of oil to the eye.

-Report oiled shoreline or request volunteer information:

-Submit alternative response technology, services or products:
(281) 366-5511

-Submit your vessel as a vessel of opportunity skimming system:
(281) 366-5511

-Submit a claim for damages:
(800) 440-0858

-Report oiled wildlife:
(866) 557-1401

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