Gulfport Beach Closed

Glenn Arant and his family came to Gulfport about three years ago to enjoy the beaches. Saturday afternoon they returned to relax in the sun and swim in the water.

"We've waded a little bit, and I have two teenage sons and they're out in the water right now," Arant said.

He acted surprised when told that the section of the beach he was closed because of high bacteria readings.

"Where's the sign at? And we were out here yesterday, have the signs been up.? We were out here yesterday, and this whole beach was full of people yesterday swimming, doing the jet ski," Arant said.

Like the Arant family, others were oblivious to the warnings posted by the Bureau of Pollution Control.

"Well, I'm spending my time taking pictures, it's a nice day," Ester Lernar said.

Photographer Esther Lernar, from Brazil, captured the beauty of South Mississippi's seashore. Along with the photo's she'll take home, will be the memory of a polluted beach.

Jet Ski rental employees said business is definitely affected by those who "do" see the signs. They want the city to find out what's causing the bacteria at the source and put a lid on it.