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Wicker says oil must be contained


JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker emphasized on Saturday his immediate focus is to find a way to contain the oil that's polluting the Gulf of Mexico.

The senator talked about the coastal crisis while attending the ribbon cutting of Fontainebleau community's new storm shelter. Wicker told media members his office was keeping a close eye on the oil crisis threatening Mississippi.

"I think initially our reaction is to try to stop the flow and get the oil cleanup done," the senator said. "Questions will come also, but my top priority and the priority of the federal government is to stop the flow of oil and protect our wildlife."

Wicker said in the long-term he anticipated congressional hearings about the spill. And he wondered what the spill meant for the future of offshore drilling and energy use.

But, on Saturday, the Mississippi Senator reiterated he was most concerned about finding a way to contain the oil.

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