Business Owners Prepare for 1699 Landing of D'Iberville Festival

The festival celebrates Ocean Springs as the site of the first Capitol claimed for the French as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

Miner Toy store owner Maryalice Miner says she ordered special toys in anticipation of customers coming in for the festival.

"We have some paper dolls and some dolls with old fashioned dresses and a lot of things like that and a lot of the wooden games that they used to play."

When the celebration was cancelled last year, Miner said the community missed out. Now, she and others hope this year's activities will help to resurrect the event for generations' to come.

Pageant Director Marco St. John believes the historical importance of the festival will draw not only residents of Ocean Springs, but people across the Gulf Coast region.

"It brings people from other areas here to spend money here, sightsee here.  They'll go to dinner here.  They'll go to lunch here, so for the community it's a good thing."

But Miner says she doesn't know what to expect as far as business goes for the festival weekend.

"That remains to be seen. You just can't predict at this point," she said.

At this point, Miner and others just want to see the festival go off this year without a hitch.