Web Link Could Solve Cold Cases

Sheriff's investigators hope someone will click on one of the four cold cases that are featured on the department's web site and realize they know something about them.

"We've had over 10,000 people hit the site this month alone and they may have seen something. People may have heard something going through the web site and they never wanted to call anybody or say anything. Now they can e-mail us or call us," says Deputy Walter Pitts.

The oldest unsolved murder posted on the site is that of 13-year old Rose Marie Levandoski. The teenager went to school at St. Martin Junior High School in Jackson County.

On of the day of February first, 1973, she left class to go to the bathroom and never returned. Three weeks later her body was found here in the Tchoutacabouffa River east of Corso's Bridge. Investigators say Rose Marie had been stabbed to death.

With that information now available on the sheriff department's web site, investigators hope to get a much needed break.

"Somebody may remember something' about that today or somebody's conscience may be bothering' 'them. They may be that piece of the puzzle out there that the investigators 30 years ago couldn't find." Sheriff George Payne said.

"You put it out there to the public, it's going to create questions like 'oh, I remember that' so this is what it's done, it's opened it up to an active status again trying' to get some interest, trying' to solve it," Deputy Pitts said.

There are four cases on the web site now. Deputy Pitts says eventually all the unsolved murders will be posted.