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Moss Point Police step up their fight against drugs


By Patrice Clark – bio | email

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point Police are taking aggressive steps to remove drugs and drug dealers off the city's streets.  Police say they're targeting drug hot spots and beefing up patrols to show they have zero tolerance for criminal activity.

Moss Point Police officers Frederick Gaston and Cedrick Williams are conducting a surprise safety checkpoint on Sherlawn Drive. Police say they work the area a lot because it's notorious for drugs and crime.

"I think there's times when it can get bad," Gaston said. 

Citizens agree. 

"I have been here two months, and I know this a bad part of town,"  Thomas Brown said.

Police have identified the six worst neighborhood drug spots in the city. 

"Areas where we have overcrowding, people that are basically hanging out on the corners," Moss Point Police officer Williams said.  

But police say when they show up, the people tend to go away. Police say that's just what happened when they stepped up patrols on Martin Luther King. They're taking that same approach near Frederick Street making it more difficult for dealers to work.   

"I am patrolling more and getting out, talking with the people and the residents." 

There is also a Safe Streets program in Moss Point to help to catch the drug users and drug dealers. 

"We have safety point checks at night, different hours of the night, in high crime areas. We check people that are walking late at night that are suspicious," Chief Sheila Smallman said.  

Police say that program and their extra patrols have helped clean up the streets. 

"We have probably made about 40 plus arrests from the beginning of this year alone," Smallman said. "Whether it is Crack Cocaine or Marijuana, we have been able to take those drugs off the streets." 

Moss Point police say they will continue making themselves visible and thinking of new ways to win the war on drugs.

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