Biloxi Industries Puts Mentally Challenged To Work

The ribbon cutting at Biloxi Industries marks a new direction for the agency. It is in a bigger building that Biloxi Industries will get its mentally challenged clients ready for the job market.

"Right now we do mail services where we do bulk mail and the businesses use us to get their bulk mail out, some 250 pieces to a thousand so we've done a lot of work for the community," Director Delecia Smith said.

Biloxi Industries partners with businesses to put the clients to work.

"We heard about Biloxi Industries and we do a lot of mailings for Metlife for the business, a couple of thousand probably every month and we just heard about these folks and thought what a better way to help the community and help 'em out and have 'em help us mail," Alicia Pearce of Metlife said.

Those who work with the mentally disabled say they're eager to earn a living.

"They come to work everyday, they're on time, they stay at their jobs, they learn their jobs quickly and they're appreciative of the opportunity to work," says Dr. Pamela Baker of the South Mississippi Regional Center.

Bradley Sanders of the Mississippi Board of Mental Health says, "They can be productive and they can earn a living just like anyone else. The main thing is giving them a chance to do that."

Biloxi Industries is affiliated with the South Mississippi Regional Center in Long Beach. The people Biloxi Industries trains work up to 20 hours a week in franchises, small businesses and also in the casinos.