Gollott Casino Group Asks For Zoning Change

People call the small body of water under I-110 Keegan Bayou. Mike Cavanaugh calls it a legal casino site.

Cavanaugh represents seven Caillavet Street property owners who want their land rezoned. They'd like empty moving and storage boxes to be replaced by a $100 million casino resort, so Imperial Palace can have another neighbor.

"We believe that it qualifies as a site under the legal definition of the statute," he said.

Cavanaugh has maps back in his office that show the area proposed for casino development. One of the maps highlighted all the properties on the north end of Caillavet. Bright colors indicted the people who'd like the use their land for the resort.

The names in that ownership group include Gollott, Balius, Porter, Rhodes, Blom and Swetman. They're all long time Biloxi families who see an opportunity to follow the city of Biloxi's lead and revitalize this section of Caillavet.

"Clearly a casino goes hand-in-hand with a thriving commercial district," said their attorney.

Casino development on this eight acre section of Caillavet Street can only happen if Biloxi rezones the area, and if the gaming commission and environmental agencies approve the site. Cavanaugh doesn't think that will be a problem.

"As far as the body of water, it's an inlet of the bay. And the bay of Biloxi is a legal site," he said. "And as long as we meet the other rules of proper setbacks, it should be allowed."

The Gollott Properties proposal includes a 41,000 square foot casino, a 392 room hotel and a 1,300 space parking garage.