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No shore impact from oil spill for at least 3 days

ROBERT, LA (WLOX/AP) - If the oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico from that exploded oil rig should threaten South Mississippi's shores, officials say we would get a three day warning.

Right now the federal coordinator for the cleanup, Rear Admiral Mary Landry said there is no shoreline impact indicated for the next 72 hours. Landry said that's based on trajectory using satellite imagery and weather reports.

Charley Henry with NOAA said wind conditions right now are holding course and are not expected to shift until Thursday. Landry said that they are working with the Gulf Coast area to prevent the spill from threatening the shoreline.

Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality's Earl Ethridge confirmed that a command center has been set up in Biloxi off of Old Highway 67, just in case the spill should threaten the barrier islands and our coastline.

Meanwhile, three sperm whales were sighted by Wildlife and Fisheries not to far away from the oil slick. Henry said the report indicates the whales were not in the area of activity and seemed to be okay.

British Petroleum's CEO Doug Suttles said they are working 24 hours a day to stop the flow of oil. That includes a remote sub that is trying to shut off the underwater oil well, that Landry estimates is gushing one thousand barrels a day. Suttles said crews are also preparing to drill another well to redirect the oil.

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