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Tornado survivors say they're "lucky to be alive"

By Brad Kessie – bio | email

YAZOO CITY, MS (WLOX) - Imagine what it must have been like for the people caught in the tornado's cross hairs. Rob and Ashley Saxton don't have to imagine. They were right in the middle of Yazoo County when the tornado raced right past them. "We are lucky to be here," Rob Saxton said. "You don't realize how lucky you have it until something like this happens."

The Saxtons were sitting in their car at a red light in Yazoo County on Saturday, when suddenly, a nearly mile wide funnel came spinning toward them. "It was just amazing. It scared us plum to death," said Saxton. "All I could think about was trying to get her and myself to safety. I mean that's all I could think about."

As the Saxtons' recounted their brush with the tornado, they looked around and saw utter obliteration. Homes crumbled, trees snapped, and cars toppled over. "Debris was flying by me. And it was hitting my legs. And glass was flying," remembered Saxton. "And I said debris could kill me. I dove back into the car and told her come on, we've got to go."

The Saxtons have four children. And mom, dad and the kids made it through the storm okay. But there was a point on Saturday when Ashley Saxton wondered if she would survive. "We could have been gone. When it exploded, it just went everywhere. I mean, I promise, we're lucky to be alive," Mrs. Saxton said.

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