Kids Enjoy Healthy Day In The Park

Hundreds of children from Jackson County are thinking about some different activities they can do to stay fit and healthy. Wednesday, the YMCA celebrated Healthy Kids Day at MLK Park in Ocean Springs.

Organizers of the event want to get the message across that healthy living comes easy when physical activity is fun. Healthy Kids Day is one way the Y brings the community together to stress the importance of a healthy spiritual, mental, social and physical life for kids.

Lakeisha Keen is the coordinator for Jackson County's 'Family First' program.

"The whole event is about healthy family fun, teaching the kids as well as their parents what it's like to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We do hope that the parents will be able to walk away with good information, good healthy tips for their kids," Keen said.

Community service agencies attending the event provide, not only healthy information, but food and prizes. Activities included exercise demonstrations, rides and games; all meant to showcase the wide range of activities every child can do.

"They tell you that you need to exercise to be healthy so you can stay alive for a long time and to be drug free," 10 year old participant Patricia Thomas said.

"I like the YMCA because you always have fun, and there's nothing like being at the YMCA, I love it there," 6 year old participant Montika Johnson said.

Organizers say loving a healthy lifestyle will create not just healthy days, but healthy lifestyles.

This is Keen's third year as coordinator of the Healthy Kids Day. She says although she'll be moving to California in July, someone else will continue the program on the coast.