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Oil from sinking rig could be headed to Mississippi's coast

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The oil rig that burst into flames two days ago off the coast of Louisiana sank into the Gulf of Mexico Thursday. Now officials are concerned about its environmental impact. There are fears that the escaping oil, which had been burning off, is now heading toward our shoreline and Louisiana's in the next few days.

A NOAA spokesman told WLOX News he isn't sure how much oil and diesel fuel is being released into the Gulf and where the oil may go. NOAA is doing analysis work right now for the Coast Guard to predict how the oil will drift and spread. The current forecast is for it to go north and east, which is toward the Mississippi coast.

We have confirmed that the Coast Guard does have a KING Airplane on standby at Stennis Airport in Hancock County. It may be used to fly over the oil spill site, and dump as much as 500 gallons of a cleaning material over the area.

Meanwhile, the search continues for the missing, although reports from workers who survived say the 11 missing workers may not have been able to evacuate in time.

"We will continue the search and rescue mission until it is reasonable that we won't find anyone," U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Mary Landry said.

The first lawsuit regarding the rig explosion has already been filed. It's on behalf of Shane Roshto of Amite County, who is one of the missing workers. It claims the rig owner Transocean Limited and BP were negligent.

A Transocean spokesman declined to comment and BP wouldn't discuss the suit.

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