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Buy an energy saving appliance and save money

By Doug Walker – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Buy an energy saving appliance starting Thursday, and get some cash back from the state. The program is called the state energy efficient appliance rebate program and is funded with $2.8 million from the federal stimulus bill. 

At Best Buy in Gulfport, qualifying appliances are lined up and ready to ship out.  Signs announcing the rebate program are prominent.  Items that qualify include refrigerators, washers, freezers, and air conditions, but they must carry the Energy Star label. 

"As a company, we are very geared around this new program," Best Buy Manager Donnie Bosarge said.  "We have a lot of associates throughout the company that are appliance specialists." 

Not only can customers receive a $150 rebate by buying a refrigerator, but the savings are long term as well. 

"You can expect to save an average of around $10 a month. So you're looking at a yearly savings of $120, let's say on a refrigerator. So it can be some significant savings on your power bill each month." 

Nancy Moffat is shopping around, but she'll wait one more day because of those kinds of savings.  

"It buys me a couple of weeks of groceries and that's the way I look at it," Moffat said. 

At Compton's Appliances, Chuck Compton spent Wednesday getting ready for the rebate promotion. He believes people will respond. 

"Well, we're hoping. That's what we're prepared for," Compton said. "We're hoping that people will get out and see this as a one time rebate that they're not going to see this again." 

The signs and prices are posted, with the actual rebate amount prominently displayed.  But retailers warn, this program is first come, first served. And Compton believes the program will end before the first spin cycle is over. 

"I think it will run out in a day," Compton said.  "I look for Thursday, maybe Friday and the money will be gone."

The rebate program will last until the money runs out.  The rebates can be redeemed online at  That website also offers complete information about the program and all the appliances that are eligible for rebate, as well as the amounts.

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