D'Iberville Turns Hillside Into Tribute

D'Iberville recreation crews filled in the 50 stars as the finishing touch to a huge huge flag. Crews have spent the last two days turning the green grassy hillside into a red, white and blue tribute to troups fighting in Iraq.

City Worker Stephen Furney says, "It's an experience ya know. That's one thing workin' with the city you do different things and people thank you for doin' 'em and this is just one of the great things you get to get up in the morning and wanna go do to show your support for the troops over there doin' a great job."

The city's recreation director says the idea to decorate the I-110 hillside came all the way from the West Coast.

"A friend of mine sent me an E-mail about a flag they did out in California. It was seven acres, they actually did it with flowers and it took two million flowers to do and we really couldn't go that way so we went with the paint and this paint will actually grow up. As you cut the grass it will disappear," says Mullins.

Mullins says such a simple gesture means a lot.

"A lot of people's already stopped and told us how nice it looks. I wish we would have done it earlier on. We really didn't get the idea, when I got the e-mail I thought it was a good idea. I talked to the guys and they all wanted to do it."

Transportation Commissioner Wayne Brown says the painted flag is somewhat of a concern because it's in the right of way and could distract drivers. But he says he won't insist that the city remove the flag because as Mullins says, it will disappear when crews cut the grass.