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Sea Breeze Condo Gets Another Life

George Junkert dashed toward the Highway 90 median. The business owners on the north side of the highway wanted to know if the Sea Breeze condominium would actually be moving in across the street. "Anything that is going to be developed on this west end of town is definitely going to help our business," the pawn shop owner said.

The Sea Breeze development got stuck in the sand two weeks ago, when the Biloxi City Council refused to grant another extension for the project's preliminary plat approval. "There is a purpose to having rules," councilman Jim Compton told the developers. "People ought to follow rules. We gave you an extra six months. Nothing got done. I'm sorry."

Compton was one of four councilmen to vote against the extension at the April 1 meeting.

However, councilman Charles Harrison brought the issue up again at Tuesday's meeting. He changed his vote and kept the project alive. According to Harrison, "If the project is going to take off, this will be the time to do it."

Tom Wall was another vocal support of the condo project. "What we've done with this resolution is given the city a couple million dollars a year in taxes," said Wall.

Sea Breeze developers made two concessions to make the project more acceptable to a majority of the council. They agreed to lower the height of the 19 story tower by removing one floor from their plans. And they promised to have revised plans in the city's hands by the end of the week.

The developers' attorney is Britt Singletary. He told the council, "All we're really interested in is moving forward with our project."

The Sea Breeze project now has until September fourth to get all the permits it needs to build a beachfront condominium on the old Golden Nugget property.

by Brad Kessie

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