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Waveland residents say city yard mess is a safety hazard


By Al Showers

WAVELAND, MS (WLOX) - Some Waveland residents say the nearby city yard looks more like the city dump. Since Hurricane Katrina, they say the public works maintenance yard has gone from a slight nuisance to a terrible eyesore and safety hazard.

It's a sight Michael Hearty and his neighbors say they are tired of seeing. Old rusty road maintenance equipment, utility guard cages and used sewer bladders in a field of over grown grass.

"They need to change the sign out front. It's not a city yard, it's a city dump," Hearty said.

Hearty said he and his neighbors have put up with the eyesore for nearly five years and they want something done about it.

"It's bringing rodents. I've had three snakes in the last week in my backyard, and I have a little boy. Every house in this neighborhood, almost, has kids that live there and they play outside. The city is not acting responsibly. I spoke to them last year about this, last summer. I work out of town a lot and nobody ever did anything about it."

Hearty said the stuff in the city yard is stacked so high it's visible above his nine foot fence. And the ditches that drain the city yard have also been neglected.

"The ditches don't drain anymore," resident Cami Cornfoot said. "I've had over a foot of water standing in my yard since the last time it rained . With that, the snakes are really bad. We killed 14 snakes within a two week period of time last summer, and I know they're getting ready to hatch again." 

Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo agrees with the residents that something needs to be done.

"I rode out to the yard and took a more recent look at it today, and it has become in some disarray," Mayor Longo said. "There's a lot going on in that yard. And I spoke to the Public Works director and his supervisors, and there definitely needs to be some straightening up and cleaning up going on out there."

He said the old fire station in the area will be used to help elevate the problem.

"A lot of what's stored outside will actually go inside."

As for the drainage problems, Longo said a comprehensive drainage plan recently completed for the city addresses the area, based on priority.

Mayor Longo said the city has really outgrown that city yard.. He'd like to eventually move the city yard away from the center of town and onto land in the city's newly annexed area, away from neighborhoods.

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