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Black Spring Break brings in hundreds


By Jessica Bowman – email

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Early expectations from Black Spring Break organizers put the number of people coming to the Mississippi Gulf Coast for the event at 40,000. Those expectations have been lowered to about 3,000 for the weekend. The hundreds, who have come down so far, seem to be enjoying their time on the coast.

"I plan on having a good time," Mino Dillon said. "We sitting out here barbecuing, we got the tent up and we just coming here, like I said before, to celebrate life."

Some spring breakers drove hundreds of miles just to be part of the fun.

"I woke up at seven o'clock in the morning on Thursday and drove all the way out here," Illinois resident James Wright said.

Wright said safety is the main issue and he wants people to enjoy themselves without turning to crime.

"Just want it to be a positive event," Wright said.

Local law enforcement agencies are making their presence known by patrolling in cars, by foot and on four wheelers.

"We got good law enforcement out here," said James Adams.

Some people said they are here for more than just a good time.

James Wright said, "Anybody who's trying to get their businesses off the ground, this is a great opportunity because you have a massive amount of people here and you can get that information out."

Janessa Sands is a local R&B/Gospel artist who said events like this motivate her to continue with a singing career.

"Well, basically all I want to do is promote my music," Sands said.

James Adams said, "The reason we're down here just to promote my label and promote my artists."

As street bikes, cars and people make their way up and down Hwy 90, the message continues to be the same among spring breakers.

"Come on the beach and have a good time, but be safe be safe. Don't clown cause you will go to jail," Dillon said.    

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