Council Members Respond To Mayor's Statement

Some council members we talked to say even though Mayor Ken Combs doesn't use the words "sorry" or "apology" in his statement, they believe that is the mayor's intention.

Ricky Dombrowski of Ward 5 says, "He did make a bad choice of words when he made his statement and I think this is probably his way of saying he's sorry for it."

Ward 2 Council member Richard Rose says, "I think for Mayor Combs, it is an apology and that's the way I'm accepting it. I think it's an apology."

"His remarks were inappropriate. I would have never made those remarks. They're good people in North Gulfport, but I can understand his frustration. Now he's apologized, he's told the people his feelings, let's get on with our business," says Chuck Teston of Ward 6.

Rose and Dombrowski say that may be easier said than done. They say despite the mayor's comments, not everyone will be so quick to forgive and forget.

"I think this is definitely gonna hurt him. I think he's gonna have to do a whole lot more to get some forgiveness from the residents in that area." says Dombrowski.

Rose says, "We've lost the confidence apparently of a lot of the citizens of Gulfport, both the city council and the administration. We've gotta regain that confidence because if we don't this problem's gonna persist long after our terms expire in two years."

Teston says Mayor Combs is going to have to prove his regrets are sincere.

"He's gonna have to let those people know he cares about them as much as he does me or you and I think he can do it. I think he's made out of the metal and I think he's going to do that."

Council member Billy Hewes of Ward 7 isn't entirely satisfied with Combs's statement. He says,"The statement looks like more of an explanation than an apology to me. I think a public apology is in order and should be made by the mayor."

Councilman Jimmie Jenkins hasn't seen the mayor's statement and told us he doesn't want to comment until he does.

Councilwoman Ella Holmes Hines has had no official reaction. However, last week, she called for the mayor to resign.