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WLOX-TV Editorial:

Your help needed to stop crime

We are excited that a crime fighting program is coming back to South Mississippi. A Coast Wide Crimestoppers Program is being reformed and hopes to be in place by June 1st.

Crimestoppers asks the general public to submit anonymous tips on crimes that police are having a hard time solving.

The coast had a successful Crimestoppers Program back in the 1980's but for one reason or another it disbanded.

Crimestoppers helps solve crime because it is anonymous so that allows individuals who are reluctant to get involved or have fear of reprisal, to put that fear aside and call because they get to remain anonymous.

A successful Crimestoppers program needs three things. First you have to have Law enforcement involvement. We understand the various police agencies on the coast want the program to return.

You need the help of the media in promoting the program which we at WLOX will be glad to do. Other media outlets are joining in this program as well.

Then there is your part. For the program to be successful the public will have to become involved and be willing to pick up the phone or get on the Internet and report information to the Crimestoppers Program.

In these days of tight budgets and less manpower, Crimestoppers is a wonderful tool to help police solve crimes that might never be solved without the help of all of us.

That's our opinion, we would like to hear yours. Email your thoughts to, or post your comments below.

David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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