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Barbour has outlined a revised budget

JACKSON, MS (WLOX) - Governor Haley Barbour has outlined a revised budget for 2011 that calls for agency directors to find efficiencies in spending and trims most agencies 12 to 17 percent while funding public schools at near peak levels. 

The $5.5 billion modified budget recommendations urges responsible spending as the state continues to deal with the effects of the global recession.

"This budget forces everyone in government to take a good look at programs and make sure taxpayers are getting the best service for their money," Governor Barbour said.

Kindergarten through 12 grade spending from federal, state and local sources will be 4.574 billion dollars which is less than 1.3 percent below peak spending.

"This Modified Budget Recommendation still contains some difficult but necessary choices," Governor Barbour said. "Our agencies will need to revisit policies and programs to ensure their operations are at their most efficient as we continue through this period of revenue shortfalls."

In a statement to the media Wednesday, Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant agreed with Gov. Barbour that the legislature should not exempt itself from budget cuts.

"I agree with the Governor's stand and in fact that is why the Mississippi Senate in fiscal 2009 cut its budget 5% or $191,182 and 6% or $273,802 for fiscal 2010. I have made similar recommendations for fiscal 2011 as well," Bryant wrote. "The Senate voted to reduce legislative pay by 10%, have reduced staff in the Senate, prohibited out of state travel, and found ways to operate more efficiently."

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