Baby Animals Need Special Care

Sometimes the best intentions can cause more harm than good when it comes to saving orphaned baby animals. On Sunday workers from the Wildlife Care and Rescue Center put on a program at a Biloxi pet store about how to care for injured wild animals. The demonstrations include letting the public interact with animals that live at the center. Workers say many animals are orphaned at this time of year. They say although the animals may look like cute pets many of them need professionals care.

Director Alison Sharpe said "They are so attached to these little baby animals that they don't want to render them to the people that can take care of them in the way they need to be cared for and improper diet and over handling are very detrimental to the survival of those babies."

Sharpe says many people make the mistake of rescuing animals that don't need to be rescued like little baby birds. She says birds leave the nest long before they can fly so parents can teach them how to hunt for worms and insects.