Robin Roberts Crusades For Education

Mississippi ETV's series called "Going to School" spotlights early education, and how parents and care-givers prepare children for their early school years. Robin Roberts says the importance of education was always stressed in her family.

"It's the reason I have done the things that I have, and I think it doesn't matter where you're from. It all begins with the basics: reading and writing, and I think we take it for granted that kids are gonna know how to do it or that their parents will encourage them and know how to make these resources available to them."

Roberts says she got involved in the project to help Mississippi's children and to stress that kids need to learn at home with their parents as well as in school.

"We think that all the learning takes place here in like this wonderful school that we're in, but the majority of learning takes place in their own home. The skills that you learn begin at home, and then it's like a partnership between the parents and the teachers," Roberts said.

The show's executive producer says involving Roberts will give the series notoriety and a well known voice.

"If Robin Roberts can start in Mississippi and make the career for herself that she has then obviously many of Mississippi's children can do the same," Diane Hartman said.

"Going to School" is part of a partnership between the public television networks of Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, Arkansas and Mississippi. The series is scheduled to air late this year.