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Biloxi longevity pay back up for discussion this week


By Krystal Allan – bio | email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - The message from the administration to the Biloxi City Council is to move and move quickly.  Mayor A.J. Holloway is pushing to reduce longevity pay for city employees from $15 to $6 a month.

 "We've seen three council members that are starting to agree with the mayor's position that our finances need to be brought in line in Biloxi, and he's hoping he can get one more vote," said Biloxi City Spokesman Vincent Creel.

Some council members say the only way that vote will come is in the form of a compromise.

"One of my proposals is that we drop longevity from $15 to $10, which will save half a million dollars," said Ward 2 Councilman Bill Stallworth.

The mayor has also proposed making employees, who currently don't contribute to their health care plans, pay a portion of the cost. Individuals would pay $100 while those with family coverage would pay $200.

Again, council members say both sides will likely meet in the middle.

"I think we'll cut that in half and go for $50 and $100, that's what I'm hearing from some of the other council members," said Ward 5 Councilman Tom Wall.

There's also talk of raising healthcare deductibles from $500 to $1,000 instead of employees contributing each month.

Whatever the council decides, the administration is looking for one outcome.

"What the mayor's going to look at, you can try to compromise as long as you want, but by the end of the day we need to cut that budget by $5 million," Creel said.

The administration points to shortfalls in gaming and tax revenues. Mayor Holloway also said budget predictions were off by $3 million at the beginning of the fiscal year. The meeting is set for 9 a.m. Tuesday morning.

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