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Wrong zip code on census forms worries D'Iberville residents

By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

D'IBERVILLE, MS (WLOX) - Leaders in one coast city said confusion over zip codes is causing concern that the census will give the wrong town credit for some residents. D'Iberville Mayor Rusty Quave said less than half of the residents have mailed back their census forms. This week census representatives asked city officials to step up efforts to encourage people to respond.

Angela Johnston said census workers went door to door through her D'Iberville neighborhood.

"I got a knock one morning. They came and made sure I had the correct address," said Johnston. "They hand delivered our census form."

In subdivisions like Cypress Creek, Mayor Rusty Quave said census forms are arriving with incorrect mailing addresses. That's making some residents reluctant to send them in.

"Some of our city council and myself have received some complaints about they [the residents] weren't sure where they supposed to fill out the forms being that they would be counted in a Biloxi zip code," said Mayor Quave. 

The zip code listed is 39532 which is a Biloxi zip code rather than the D'Iberville zip code of 39540. The mayor said this isn't the first time for zip code confusion.

 Mayor Quave said, "When we first built the first shopping center on Sangani [Boulevard] we found out some of the taxes had gone to the wrong area because of the address. Since then we've taken care of that as a city. We assure the residents that's doing the census that they will be counted and it will be an accurate count."

Although census officials assured the city this week it would get credit for all its residents, D'Iberville is taking nothing for granted.

"We're going to be doing a follow up to make sure of that," said the mayor. "It's not that we don't believe the people that's telling us that, but we know how big this government is. We don't want to fall short on our count because it's so important for grants."

D'Iberville is encouraging residents to mail their forms in even with the incorrect addresses because the city doesn't want anyone not to be counted.

Johnston said, "If you want to be counted and the state to get the funds that they need to then you need to mail it in."

Mayor Quave said the city intends to print reminders about the census on its water bills and send more workers door to door. Meanwhile, we found house listings for Cypress Creek Drive on the Internet with both 39532 and 39540. Residents in the affected areas tell WLOX they regularly receive mail with both zip codes.

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