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Super Walmart; friend or foe?

By Jessica Bowman – email

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A super Walmart is coming to Biloxi and company officials say it will be on located on Switzer Road just behind Edgewater Village. The new store will replace the one on Pass Road.

Doors will be shutting at this retail giant when a new super Walmart takes its place less than five miles away.

Biloxi resident said, "I think it's great."     

"More selection would be awesome," said Jonathan Robinson.

150,000 square feet of variety will be located on this piece of land south of the railroad tracks on Switzer Road. Plans of the new super center coming to Biloxi have people agreeing it will be very convenient.

Tommy Bass said, "I won't have to drive to 49 I can do it all right here."

"I will only have to drive five minutes," said a Biloxi resident.

Locals said they are ready to make their shopping experience a one stop shop.

Biloxi resident said, "In the grocery section of course you're going to have your meats and produce and I think it will give Winn Dixie a run for their money."

But some Winn Dixie shoppers we spoke with across the street disagree.

"I don't think Walmart is too big of a savings and I appreciate the loyal local businesses," said Jennifer Hamilton.

Walmart officials have not said when this location will close its doors but said residents can expect the new store to open in 2012. 

Biloxi officials said their understanding is a retail strip center and possibly a few restaurants could be in the works around where the new super center will be located.

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