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Learn more about Joel Kibble

Joel Kibble

Joel Kibble is a world renowned dynamic motivational speaker, singer, songwriter, producer and member of the ten time Grammy Award winning group Take 6. He was born into a pastor's home in Buffalo, NY, but spent his formative years in Alabama. It was in Alabama that he obtained the discipline necessary for his life's calling, which was instilled through years of intense training with the Huntsville, AL Swim Association's Junior Olympic swimming team. Though he aspired to one day compete in the Junior Olympics, providence ordered something greater.

Joel has been speaking publicly for the past 8 years. He is a charismatic speaker whose ultimate desire is to see people healed, empowered, and restored. He has learned that by allowing God to work through him, and his willingness to share his personal life story, people can become inspired to confront their own personal challenges.

It was his family situation that markedly shaped his inevitable call to ministry. The divorce of his parents while attending boarding school at Pine Forge Academy in Pennsylvania was one of many pivotal points in defining his life's calling because he began to truly experience what it means to trust in God when one's trust in others begins to fade.

During this difficult time in Joel's life, he began to develop fears of trust, marriage, and public speaking. He looks for every opportunity to share the tools he has learned to overcome these personal challenges and more. He communicates these sentiments through the gifts of oral communication, writing and singing.

Joel is a proponent of education and believes that it equips people with valuable tools needed for continued growth. He believes in breaking negative cycles of doubt and failure. Through discipline and perseverance, Joel accomplished his life-long dream—to complete his college degree. He returned to Oakwood University, and in 2006 he received a Bachelor's of Arts degree while maintaining a rigorous touring and speaking schedule.

He is presently in the process of writing an inspirational book that is scheduled to be released in the near future. He is an active leader and supporter of programs that mentor, motivate, and empower troubled young adults.

Joel is one of the lead singers of the Gospel recording group Take 6. Take 6 has been an active group since 1988, and achieved Platinum status with their self-titled "Take 6" album, and went on to record three more Gold Albums. Take 6 has received ten Grammy awards, ten Dove Awards, a Soul Train Music Award, and an award for BRE Vocal Group of the Year. For four consecutive years Take 6 was voted "Best Jazz Vocal Group" in Down Beat Magazine. Through the gift of music they ascribe to a "seed planting ministry" to introduce people to Jesus Christ. The group's latest endeavor was released in 2008.

Joel admits that he did not know anything about the music industry, but learned from experience that it's when you're at your weakest God is strong. The main lesson he has learned since being in the music industry is that "God equips you to do what He calls you to do".

The group maintains an active touring schedule, and in between recording music and touring with the group, Joel writes for the "devotional corner" of the Take 6 website, provides motivational speaking, and sings at various national and international venues.

Joel's past fears of public speaking have melted away and been replaced with a renewed sense of purpose and confidence. His style of ministry is truly Holy Ghost led. He says, "When it's time for me to open my mouth—He [God] comes through". It is not coincidental that one of his favorite texts is from the gospel of Mathew chapter 10, which reads, "And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake… take no thought how or what ye shall speak… For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you".

Joel is a versatile speaker who has the ability to convey a Christian message in a goal oriented, yet thought provoking manner. His topics range from discussions on empowerment, cycle breaking, forgiveness, healing, and personal growth, addictions, and he can tailor topics based on need. He has spoken for various audiences to include; married couples, youth, men, women, church groups, and various organizations both domestic and abroad. Whether speaking to a church or providing motivational speaking to an organization, his message is one of love, hope and encouragement.

Joel Kibble lives his ministry, and in practice, becomes a message of hope and love in every way. Through his life, Joel admonishes all of us to "Be the message—Live the message—Don't just speak the message".

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